Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Happy Easter

Nature Girl loves holidays! Really what little kid doesn't? She's been excited about a visit from the Easter Bunny for the last month and a half. As her parents we get excited to see her reaction to the gifts and surprises the holidays bring. This year the Easter Bunny left a basket on the table filled with goodies and a new bike and helmet parked next to the table. Now Nature Girl is known for being very observant. In her four short years with us we have learned that if she tells you she sees something but when you look you can't see it...well look a little harder because it's really there! So imagine our surprise when she walked right by the bike Easter morning to look in her Easter basket. We couldn't believe it. She emptied out the goodies from the basket which included Twizzlers (her favorite candy,) a new book with CD(Runny Babbit,) hair clips, a frog statue for her garden, a chocolate bunny and a manual for her bike. It took her 10 to 15 or realize that the bike was parked 3 feet away from her. Of course she got excited and had to try it out as you can see from the picture.

Easter meant I had to make somethings for Nature Girl too. Why? Need you even ask.... because I like to craft! So I got out the sewing machine and created the red polka dot bag for her to carry books home from the library. I also made the rabbit and the chick in an egg finger puppets. Finally I got the idea the beanbag bunnies from Two Straight Lines. I added the carrot mats so we could play a beanbag toss game with them. I wanted to create a bag to hold the mats and bean bags in but ran out of time. I'll add it to my long list of projects I want to do!

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