Sunday, January 29, 2012

Zentangle Freebie

Everyone loves a freebie, right?! Well, here's a little Zentangle freebie for you. I made these bookmarks while I sat in a three day workshop this month. Yes, I did actually pay attention and learn even though I was drawing. I'm an auditory visual learner so drawing Zentangles helps me listen and attend. Not only did I learn new things but I left the workshop with these four bookmarks to share. I printed these on cardstock, cut them out and ran them through my little laminator. I made some for my local library and for the workshop presenter. Now I'm sharing them with you too.
The bottom design is my favorite. It has my personal pattern creation. I call it "fancy snail"(it's the spiral design on the left side of the bottom bookmark.) I'm hoping to draw out the steps and submit it to I thought that if I wrote that here maybe I'd actually do it. Anyway, Click HERE for a PDF of my bookmarks. I hope you will enjoy them!