Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Concert

We took Nature Girl to her first real concert this week. When my husband surprised me with tickets for John Mayer last winter Nature Girl's nose was a little out of joint that she wasn't invited along too. So when Jack Johnson tickets went on sale this spring my husband bought tickets for the three of us. We thought this would be the perfect concert for her as it's family friendly music and he runs a green tour which is an idea near and dear to Nature Girl.
She was funny when she saw all the trash and broken bottles in the parking lot outside of the concert. She kept commenting on how these people weren't taking care of the earth and that was bad. We got to the concert early and took our seats. Nature Girl and I began reading a book(Where the Mountain Meets the Moon) until the warm up bands came on. Jack Johnson didn't get on stage until 10pm. Nature Girl was excited but shortly into the concert she began to be bothered by a smell. I should note that Nature Girl has an especially sensitive nose and doesn't like smelly things. Not that I like that particular smell either and it's illegal. Anyway, we got through that just fine and she was thrilled when Jack Johnson played Bubble Toes, it's her favorite song. Overall it was a great concert. Jack Johnson is one of my favorites. I usually listen to his albums when I'm sewing. I find it to be very relaxing to listen to his music and sew. I told my husband I felt like I should have brought my sewing machine with me to the concert. Of course I didn't really bring it!!
We arrived back at the hotel at 12:30am. After eating a bunch of gummy bears she settled into bed and finally went to sleep at about 1:15am. Here she is snuggling with Puffy(her down blanket,) her new travel pillow(from Barb) and four stuffed animals.