Friday, May 2, 2008

Swap Mail

Nature Girl got swap mail yesterday. I signed up for Plush Swap 3 so she would get a plush in her favorite colors orange & pink. This cute little dolly arrived yesterday from Hope. Nature Girl was thrilled to get the package and see her surprise. She's still trying to come up with a name for her. I think she's sooo cute and I'd love to steal her for myself. Does that make me a bad mom?!

I had to create a plush for Becky, whose favorite colors were blue and white. She is a lover of birds and chickens so this chick is what I finally came up with. I think the the third time is a charm. The birds below were my first and second design attempts.

The white bird was first but attaching the tail was a problem. Then I moved on to the two blue chickens inspired by Swirlyarts Chicken Doorstop But the original was much better & I wasn't thrilled with my version. In the end I decided to send the blue swirly chicken and the chick above. Surprisingly creating a bird plush was much harder than I thought. Enough of regaling you with the plush swap.
For those of you still reading to the end of the post we had three black bears in our yard this evening. I missed it since I was walking the floor with a fussy baby. I have two of my sister's girls overnight. The baby is usually very happy but not tonight. Apparently no one has told her the sleep over rules ... no fussing just fun! Anyway our neighbors across the street saw a mother black bear with her two cubs in our front yard. When my husband drove in tonight the neighbors stopped to tell him. We live in a rural area so it's not a huge surprise. We've just never seen any. Three summers ago a neighbor saw a moose in our yard,. Yeah we missed that too!