Sunday, September 28, 2008

Covered Bridge

It's been a rainy weekend so we've been hanging out inside today. Yesterday we ventured out for a birthday party and shopping. Nature Girl got to wear her new rain coat and use the matching umbrella. Here she is pictured in the box with her umbrella on the day it arrived. This cardboard boat and umbrella is the perfect set up for our weather this weekend! that brings me to the covered bridge part of my post.

Last weekend we went to Vermont to visit my mom and Gram. We stopped to check out this covered bridge. It's the Bath-Haverhill covered bridge. For more facts on the bridge go here. This is the inside of the bridge. It's pretty amazing to think it's built out of wood. It was recently renovated and rededicated. You can no longer drive over it. There is a side walk part on the side of the bridge with a bench to sit on. Nature Girl loved the view exclaiming "Mommy isn't that so beautiful!"
This is the view from the other side of the bridge. I love the sign "$5 fine for riding or driving over this bridge faster than a walk." We've been talking o Nature Girl about the time when people didn't have cars and used horses to get around so it was neat to be able to show her this covered bridge. eventually I hope to read The Little House on the Prairie Series to her and take her to the Almanzo Wilder Farm in NY. I think she's still a little young.
Here's our self portrait taken at the covered bridge. I'm planning to take Nature Girl to the Bath covered Bridge next time we're in VT. You can drive your car over that one. I think she'll enjoy it. We're planning to go back to VT in a few weeks to visit and take in the fall scenery. It will be beautiful! Happy fall everyone!