Friday, June 6, 2008

Fabric Fun

I received a little brown paper package yesterday. I was excited since brown paper packages tied up with string are among my favorite things!
Really I was excited! Who knew getting a package of surprise fabrics would be so much fun?! Inside I found this fabric packet from Sarah. It was beautifully tied together with the cutest tag. Sarah included a note on the tag saying she hoped we could make something with the fabrics she sent if not it could always be used for making a bird's nest. I had to laugh! She's read about Nature Girl!
I could barely contain my curiosity long enough to get a photo. Sarah included many lovely fabrics. I have several favorites. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to make with all the wonderful pieces but there is one large piece that is calling out to be made into an apron! I think that the quilters in my mini quilt trading swap group might be seeing some of these fabric pieces in their mini quilts in the coming months! Sadly, the birds won't be using any of the fabric to line their nests!!!
Thank you Sarah! The package was so wonderful that it took a while for me to realize that my poor partners aren't getting a neatly tied packet in a brown paper package. My apologies to both partners! I jammed all the fabric in a large flat rate box so there will be nothing neat about it when it arrives! Hopefully the amount of fabric makes up for the lack of tidiness and pretty packaging!

I signed Nature Girl up for the Little People On the Road Swap. The swap is still open if anyone is interested in joining. This is a summer swap for kids. You buy or create a softie, take it on vacation with you and take photos. You create a scrapbook with photos then mail the scrapbook and the softie to your partner. I think we'll have to make two of the softie since it will be sad to send it away. Nature Girl is excited about her swap. She can take some of the photos and help with the scrapbook.
She's been experimenting with photo taking again. We had lunch with a friend today and she took these pictures in the restaurant. I also ended up with several close ups of a large zit on my chin and 5 semi blurry pictures of my driver's license. My license photo is terrible so I don't want extra copies of that! When she's not looking I'll be deleting those photos!