Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Friday Night Sew In

I participated in the April Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) this week. It's was fun though admittedly I started late Friday night so it became a Friday night and Saturday night sew in for me. Nevertheless I have finished my project. I made this ruffled scarf from a pattern I found awhile ago over at the Sewing Republic. It's meant to be a thank you gift for someone who wears a lot of white and cream. I'm a bit worried that the green & white gingham looks like a kitchen curtain around my neck. I asked my husband. He said now that I pointed it out, yes. What do you think? I bought some more fabric, not gingham, so I can make a few more of these. Nature Girl has requested a pink one to go with her pink sequins hat and I want to make a black and white one for myself.

Want to know more about the FNSI? Click here to go to Heidi's blog and see a list of people who participated. It's kind of fun to see what everyone made.