Friday, September 10, 2010

Creative Girl

So what does a creative girl make with some magnets and some rocks? Why a cat of course!

Feeling Giddy and Spoiled!

I got home after work to find a package waiting for me. I took my time putting away my school stuff. All the while Nature Girl was trying to be patient. Finally she couldn't contain the excitement any more and blurted out "Let's open your package." She climbed on the the counter and waited excitedly as we cut into the box. Of course we forgot the camera and had to go find it before she could look inside, but she waited patiently poised to grab up and claim anything that sparked her interest. I don't know about the rest of you mommy swappers but anything that comes in a box addressed to me doesn't necessarily belong to me by the time we're done. The loot usually gets divided up. Not to worry Kerry sent the most amazing package with more than enough goodies for everyone!

Not only are the goodies amazing, Kerry wrapped and packaged everything so nicely. It made it even more fun to open it all! She even packaged up some goodies for Nature Girl, who was thrilled and says "Thanks!" Kerry sent buttons, a bookmark, the AIW story, tea, the sweetest little tea strainer shaped like a teapot, a Cheshire cat full of M&Ms, a necklace and the most amazing crocheted teapot. Not to mention that this is an apron swap so she sent an incredible apron too!

Kerry made this incredible Mad Hatter apron for me. I love how she stitched little details on the picture. I just love embroidered and stitched items! This apron has stitching, polka dots, great embellishments, long ties and it's reversible. All things I love, so I haven't taken it off yet!

Speaking of love. This is Nature Girl pulling out the Cheshire cat saying "Oh my Cheshire cat!" The little girl is cute but that's just thievery. I can't blame her as she does love her cats! However, I quickly stole it back as I adore it and she already has a lot of cats. Plus it's my package, right?!

This is me saying "LOVE IT!!!!!!!!" And I do! Thanks for such an amazing package Kerry! You Rock!!!!