Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of Preschool

Nature Girl had her first day of preschool today. She wore a pretty white dress and went off to preschool with no problem. Really, she's a pro now after attending preschool last year. She didn't even mind that I was working and couldn't bring her. MB our friend and neighbor has been taking great care of Nature Girl for us and does the drop off and pick up at preschool three mornings a week. We couldn't ask for a better daycare situation for Nature Girl! She has handled the transition of me going back to work very well. It makes it much easier for me to work knowing she's happy and having fun with her friends at MB's house.

MB took these first day of school pictures for us. Wasn't that sweet?!! Thanks MB it makes it seem like I was there! The kids are lining up and walking like ducks to meet their parents at the end of the session.

She's growing up so fast! The time has flown by. This year it's four year old preschool, next year kindergarten and then in the blink of an eye college! But I'm not ready to think about that yet!

Yesterday I came home from school to find two packages. Did I tell you I love coming home to swap mail? Well I do, especially when it looks like this mini quilt! Isn't it gorgeous?!! Wendy made this beautiful mini quilt for me as part of DQS4. I love the color combinations, the fabrics and the quilting! I haven't been able to take a picture yet since I brought it to school to show some teachers who quilt and forgot it on my desk so I borrowed this picture from Wendy's blog. Funny thing is it looks like the picture I would have taken. Doesn't that look like my table that's in all of the pictures on my blog?!! Sorry, I digress. . .thank you Wendy for the gorgeous mini quilt and the Moda fabric squares. I can't wait to sew again!