Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One Last Call for the Book Swap

Edited 9/21/08 Partner information has been e-mailed so everyone should have received their partner information. Please let me know if you didn't get your partner information or if you are unable to get in contact with your partner. I've added a swap button to my sidebar if anyone wants it.

Last call on the One Good Book Swap. I'll leave it open till Thursday 9/18 at 6pm. I've already been working to pair up the kids and hope to have the e-mails sent tomorrow night. I'm really hoping I haven't forgotten anyone! I've doubled checked but will check one more time before partners go out. Here is a list of the participants. It's arranged alphabetically by parent first name. People who are signed up for multiple packages are noted. If you signed up but aren't on the list please let me know. Thanks!

Ali B
April P
Beckie J - 4 children
Beth - 2 children
Beth R
Beth V - 2 children
Catherine H
Charlotte D - 2 children
Cherie U
Christy A
Heidi D
Holly D
Iesa E
Jane H
Jennie R
Jill T
Katy J
Kristie L
Lisa C
Lisa S
Lori D - 2 children
Margy A
Melissa D
Misty W
Rhonda G - 2 children
Sari O
Shannon E - 2 children
Susan S
Valerie P -2 children