Sunday, May 25, 2008

Creative Process

I don't know about you but for me my creative process usually includes a mess! This morning I decided to throw together a bag for a boy in Nature Girl's preschool class. It's meant to be a nature bag to hold binoculars and treasures from a nature hike. Nature Girl got one from Miniswap 3. Christie from Mama Said Sew made the cutest nature bag for her. I can't find it at the moment to take a picture but that was my inspiration for this bag. I cut the legs off a pair of men's corduroys and used that to create the bag. This is the mess on the floor while I was sewing. I'd like to say this mess is unusual for me but it's not, it's part of how I sew and create! I did get it all cleaned up before heading off to a BBQ this afternoon.

I hope that the bag doesn't look too girly. The lining is the blue fish material, so hopefully it's appropriate as a birthday gift for a 4 year old boy. We have a pair of binoculars and a bird watching book to put in the bag. If he does think it's too girly he has a sister who can use it and we're including a gift card to ToysRUs so he won't be left empty handed.
Enter Val's Give away. . . .
Remember Nature Girl's recycled jean apron? I was inspired to make that recycled jean apron after seeing Val's apron. Well guess what, Val is having a give away over at her blog Yarni Gras. She's giving away the apron or an ami book, so go enter now. I entered, I just love that strawberry apron!