Monday, May 26, 2014

Zentangle Box

I haven't zentangled much in the last six months.  I used to tangle a lot but I tend to craft in jags and I've been sewing more in the past few months. Well it seems I may have entered into a zentangle jag.  I drew on a red tin can for the last swap I did. It inspired me to try zentangling on a different kind of box.  I used a photo box that I purchased on sale at my local craft store.

This is the sage green photo box I started started with. It's plain and boring, not much of a gift box.

With just a black sharpie, some time and positive thoughts I created a decorated gift box for a co-worker who is in need of some positive thoughts and a cheer up. As I drew, I thought about all the worries my co-worker has been facing and tried to pour positive thoughts into each stroke.

I placed my gift inside the box then tied it up with some black elephant ribbon. I dropped it off on her desk before school and left for my workshop. I wasn't at school when she found it, but she sent me a text to say she loved the surprise gift.  I'm thrilled that she liked it. Sometimes you just need a little pick me up; it helps to know other people are thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.