Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Gingerbread Travelers

I leave for work early each morning before Nature Girl is even awake. Since I'm not there to greet her, I write her a note every morning before I leave for work. She looks forward to her notes and on the few occasions that I've forgotten to write she lets me know she's disappointed. Of course she quickly forgives me. All of these notes have started to result in return notes from Nature Girl. Nature Girl wrote this little note on my white board when she went into school with me. What a sweet little message! I didn't erase it for a week!

Speaking of school I finally got our Traveling Gingerbread Men bulletin board up and took a few pictures this week. These aren't the greatest pictures but they give you an idea of what the bulletin board looks like. You can see that we put all of the postcards in a little pocket with a gingerbread man, the name of the state and some facts we learned about each state. This has been such a fun project for the preschoolers and now the rest of the school is enjoying reading the postcards and looking at the information we learned. We've gotten lots of compliments and questions about our project.

The greatest part is that even since I put this up earlier this week it's changed and more additions have been made. Margy sent us information about Belgium and Lady of Perpetual Chaos sent us information about Utah. Robin sent us the sweetest felt gingerbread ornaments. Each child got to take one home. I put a picture on the bulletin board with all the the preschoolers holding their gingerbread ornaments and another of all of us wearing the Mardi Gras beads Val sent us from Louisiana. So thank you to everyone who has sent us postcards and packages. We greatly appreciate your help. So many children are enjoying the cards and learning about the US and the world with us. Thanks!