Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May the Force Be With You

Over spring vacation my husband and my daughter watched all six Star Wars movies together.  My daughter loved them, so she decided to craft up a bit of Star Wars fun.  She gathered up some fabric scraps, polyfil, paint and sharpies and set to work.  Honestly, sometimes I'm amazed at how creative she can be! I had a mom that would sew and do crafts with me but I know I wasn't that creative when I was her age.  I've been crafting with her for years but now at the age of ten she's able to create things mostly on her own. She has a vision and the know how to do it. For this project the only thing I did was assist with the sewing machine, she did the rest.

She created a collection of Star Wars characters by sewing fabric then painting it with acrylic paint.  She did a fabulous job!  Here's the rubble during the creation process.

This is Yoda.

This is one of General Grievous' droids and c3po.

Here's the whole Star Wars gang together. May the force be with you!