Friday, May 23, 2008

A Recycled Apron For Nature Girl

Today I was folding a mountain of clean laundry when I came across a pair of Nature Girl's jeans that are a size to small and have a hole in the knee. Nature Girl loved my swap apron so I decided to cut up her old jeans and create a recycled apron. Yesterday I saw Val's apron made with Lucy's apron tutorial so I was inspired to give it a try. I adjusted the tutorial a bit since I was working with a pair of 3T pants. I used both legs and sewed them together to create a bigger apron. I gathered it at the waist, lined the back and added a band of fabric for the waist and ties. To cover the hole in the knee I sewed three circles cut from the jeans. I think they will fray in the wash and look more like flowers in time - you can see the circles at the top on the right and left sides since I feel the need to make things symmetrical. I also cut the pockets off the back of the jeans and sewed them on the front of the apron. Nature Girl immediately stuffed a plastic inch worm(a treasure we found in the parking lot at the park) in one pocket. The jeans already had some nice embroidered trim and a flower with butterfly on the side so it didn't need any extra embellishment. Nature Girl is pleased with it. She wore it for about 10 minutes before she came to me and said " You made something with my old pants!"

We headed out to the craft store to pick up scrapbooking supplies for an end of the year gift for Nature Girl's teacher. While we were there we came across the flamingo fabric Barb used for the tissue cover and card wallet I won in her blog give away. Since Nature Girl was a little sad about sharing our goodies from Barb, I had promised her that we would look for Flamingo fabric for her. So today we stumbled across two flamingo fabrics. In the end Nature Girl picked out this fun one. Now we just have to decide what to do with it. Nature Girl has had a few ideas but hasn't decided yet. So far her ideas are a new napkin set for her school snack box or a pouch for her treasures. She's leaning toward the pouch idea.