Sunday, May 16, 2010

Making Aprons

While I was on spring break a few weeks back I started sewing aprons again. I had joined a couple of apron swaps and had two aprons to sew. Sewing and creating was the perfect way to relax and recharge my batteries. This is the apron I sewed for Kathy as part of the Hot Mamas apron swap. The theme was 50's pinup girls. You can see Kathy's post on it here. I also made a zentagle for her. I discovered this idea on Barb's blog and just had to try it. Now I'm addicted to zentangling and even have the kids at school doing it with me at snack time each day. We've been making bookmarks with zentangles.

I had such a great time sewing aprons for the swaps that I wanted to make more. I used some left over fabric from the polka dot pretties apron swap to make this striped number. It was inspired by the Klassy Kitchen Bistro Apron but I had to make it my own so it's long and pleated with long ties. It's hard to see but it has one big polka dot pocket on the right side. It was easy to make and I just love it!

Well, I couldn't leave out Nature Girl so I sewed this apron for her using bird fabric from Feathered Friends. She picked out the fabric herself. This apron is my version of the Lilly apron. I refer to it as a Jilly. I saw a picture of the Lilly apron and knew I could make that myself. Of course it would make sense to use a pattern but where is the fun in that?!! For those of you who know me, you know I'm famous for looking at something and thinking I can make that. Of course we've had our fair share of failures along the way because of this way of thinking, but I think these two turned out really well.

With Nature Girl's leftover fabric I made myself a cute little matching apron. I got a little carried away with making aprons but I just love them! I have a few more just waiting to be cut and sewn.