Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making Progress on UFO's

Remember this skirt I made when Nature Girl was in preschool? Well, it finally got a make over this weekend. I hadn't worn the skirt in forever so I ripped it apart about 6 months ago and cut it up to be an apron. Unfortunately it sat in a UFO(unfinished objects) pile waiting to be sewn. I finally finished it on Sunday. Here's what it looks like now.

Exhibit A

It's my new favorite apron. Yes, I know I always say that every time I get a new apron, but can you blame me? There all so pretty! Really, I love this fabric! I've made Marilyn aprons for lots of other people but never made one for myself, until now.

This wasn't my only UFO, I've been uncovering them all weekend. I found a scrap quilt that was half finished in one of my craft buckets. I started it about 5 years ago, so it was definitely time to finish it. I worked on it this weekend and it's almost done. It still needs a binding but will be a picnic quilt when it's finished. I haven't gotten to the fabric store to buy binding but we were dieing to try it out. We took it outside for a family picnic in the backyard. It worked great!

Here's another UFO. A few years back my sister asked me to make an apron for her husband. This is a picture of the apron I made him. I had a little bit of the fabric left and planned to make a matching apron for my sister. Of course, I never got around to it. Over the weekend I finally used the left over material scraps to make that apron for my sister. She's been in Hawaii for a year but will be moving back here in July. I'm excited to see her again and thought this would be a good welcome home present. (The picture is a little dark. Nature Girl was the photographer.)

Exhibit B

I was on a roll with UFO aprons so I decided to finish this apron for Nature Girl's teacher. Nature Girl had requested that I make an apron for her teacher as a Christmas gift but I ran out of time. New plan, we'll make the apron for Teacher appreciation week instead. That didn't happen either as I was super busy at school.

Exhibit C

Now the end of the school year is approaching so I decided to I use left over fabric from the spring fling apron to create this reversible apron. Nature Girl wanted a purple apron for her teacher. When I finished it she said, "That's pretty but I think she'd like red with polka dots better." Ugh!

Exhibit C (reverse side)

While I've been on a roll, I don't think I will get around to making a red polka dot apron anytime soon. If she waits for me to make one, it will be another 6 months before it's finished! Now with it completed, I'm second guessing. I do hope her teacher likes aprons. While Nature Girl and I are apron crazy it seems that the rest of the world does not necessarily share our obsession. Go figure! Really, who doesn't love a pretty new apron? Every new apron I get is my new favorite. See Exhibit A above for proof.