Sunday, September 27, 2015

Conceding Defeat!

Do you remember when I posted about my furniture refinishing challenge?  I posted it here. I bought this buffet at a thrift store for $40 with the intention of refinishing it myself.

My husband didn't think I could do it and I was sure I could. My husband challenged me to refinish this piece all by myself. I accepted the challenge and got right to work sanding it all down. Then I got nervous about trying to stain it myself. I was afraid I'd ruin it, so I didn't touch it for a year and a half. My husband and daughter complained that it was taking up room in the garage. This month my husband stained it and applied polyurethane for me.

The buffet fits perfectly in our dining room. Here's the finished project and my concession of defeat. "You were right honey, and I was wrong. I didn't finish it all by my self." And just for good measure "Honey, you are way better at refinishing furniture than I am. Thank you for finishing this piece, it looks great!"
I'd like to say this defeat will mean I won't drag home any additional pieces of furniture, but I know that's not true. Instead I'll say, next time I drag home an awesome piece of furniture let's work on it together.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Have Great Friends!

I got home from school today to find happy mail. My friend Kerry sent me this happy package.

I love polkadots so this package made my day.

 Then I opened the package to find 5 aprons that Kerry had sewn. She gave them to me to use in my preschool classroom. I'm so excited, they are already packed in my bag to take to school tomorrow.

Kerry also made the most amazing cloth notebook for me. Guess what? (squeals of happiness) It's got a red and white polkadot fabric on the inside.  I just love it!!!!! I can't wait to start filling it with notes. Once I fill the notebook, the cover is removable so I can move it to another notebook and start again.

Here's a belated look at the birthday goodies Kerry sent me. A zombie pearler bead coaster, an altered notepad and pen, a sewing thread catcher and pincushion(this is my constant companion when I'm sewing) and this amazing little zombie.

Don't you just love this little prim zombie?!  I'm totally in LOVE with him!! He makes me smile everytime I see him. Kerry is a crafting genious! Not only do I have great friends, I have super talented, crafty friends that make my day!  Thanks Kerry!!! You are too kind to me!