Thursday, June 30, 2011

Freaked Out

I'm home alone today cleaning and organizing while Nature Girl is at her last day of art camp. Around 12:30 I heard the dog across the street barking and looked out the front door to see a coyote standing in my front yard. I did a double take. . .yep it really was a coyote. Cinnamon, who is a tiny little dog, kept barking. The coyote took a look a Cinnamon then trotted off down my driveway then around the side of the house. I couldn't see where he took off to.
Now, we live in a rural area so we have plenty of wild animals around, I just don't like it when they are in the yard in broad daylight. Nature Girl is always wanting to play outside, ride her bike or drive gator around. Seeing a coyote in the yard makes me want to keep her inside! Of course I know that's irrational, so instead I now have to show her a picture of a coyote and say if you see this immediately come inside. It freaks me out! I think I'll be spending lots of time outside this summer on coyote patrol.