Thursday, May 22, 2008

Swap Updates and Swap Mail

Today I finished taking pictures of my swap creations then sent them off to their new owners. The cherry apron is headed south, the red bird quiltie is headed to the west coast and the Mother's Heart mini quilt is headed to Kristie in Kentucky.
Three swap packages went out today and one arrived. Thank you Kim! Kim sent me this orange & pink apron for the Sassy Apron Swap. Nature Girl was a little sad that it wasn't a swap for her. Orange and pink are her favorite colors so she said "Mommy, when I get bigger I can have a turn with your dress." That will take quite a few years but in the meantime she was thrilled with the flower stickers Kim included in the package. She took them to bed with her then woke up crying at 4:30 am because she dropped them and couldn't find them. I stumbled into her room with one eye half open and managed to find them so we could all get some more sleep.
I've had a great time with the Sassy Apron Swap and am looking forward to making and wearing many more aprons in the future!
Lucy over at the Sassy Apron Swap is coordinating Apron Angels which is an effort to create 100 aprons to give to the victims of tornados in her community. If you'd like to help by sewing an apron contact Lucy at byrdhouse1(at)windstream(dot)net I'm excited to get sewing and create an apron for Apron Angels.