Wednesday, August 13, 2008

International Swap Mail

You know the saying when it rains it pours? Well it certainly has been raining and pouring in New England! The yucky weather means playing indoors but that's ok because when it rains it pours has also applied to our swap mail. Nature Girl is downright giddy about another international swap package arriving on our door step!

This photo is a bit dark and blurry but I just loved her reaction to discovering the koala sewing bag that Beth and her granddaughter sent her for the kids sewing kit swap hosted by One Crafty Mumma. Her reaction was so cute in a high squeeky and excited voice she said something like "Oh my God! It's a koala!" And yes that's my fault I say it too! We have to start working on saying oh my goodness, not oh my God!
Beth included lots of goodies for sewing and crafting together. Best of all she included two post cards of Australia and lots of Australian animals in the sewing kits! I went to my bookshelf and pulled out Wombat Divine and Possum Magic by Mem Fox and we read those. She was excited to see a wombat in a book. We sewed the little orange wombat included in the package, then we checked out Wikipedia for information on wombats and koalas . I printed some pictures and basic information about each animal. It was very interesting and Nature girl soaked up all of the information like a little sponge. After sewing the wombat together she showed her dad what we made and got him to play with her and the wombat. She pulled out her guitar and sang songs to the wombat and even told a story about the Three little Wombats and The Big Bad Wolf. Which was then turned into the Three Little Wombats and the Big Bad Tasmanian Devil since Tasmanian Devils eat wombats. It was so cute to listen to her use her imagination and incorporate in all of the information she had learned! This swap was such a great way to learn about another part of the world! Thanks Beth for putting together such a great package for us. It was way more than a sewing kit, it's been hours of learning and fun imaginative play, so thank you!

A second international swap package arrived yesterday. This one was from Katy at imagingermonkey. Katy was kind enough to swap one of her gorgeous dolls for a mini kite quilt.

Here is Nature Girl the doll and Nature Girl the girl! Check Katy's blog here for more pictures of Nature Girl the doll. I love Katy's creations so to have her make one for my daughter was very exciting!!!! Want your own imagingermonkey creation? Check out the imagingermonkey etsy shop.