Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Girl & Her Dog

Having a pet is an important part of childhood.  Sometimes having a dog is a pain; like every time he eats her Legos, chews up a brand new Sklanders figurine or jumps up and scratches her because he's excited she's home from school.  Having a dog can be a pain but having a pet to love can also be great. Here she is giving Chunk a hug while he waited for the vet to come give him a check up.  He gets nervous, so she pets him and hugs him to make him feel better. What a sweet moment!

My girl loves to craft and paint.  Last month, she painted this picture of she and Chunk.  It's just so cute!  For back to school night she wrote ten important things about herself.  "I adore my dog Chunk!" was on the list.  It's a good thing because . . .

this morning he chewed up her stuffed bird. She was upset but she forgave him.  That's how it is with a girl & her dog.