Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sew Along

I recently joined the Sparkle Power Sew Along. The projects for April & May include clothing and accessories. I've been wanting to make some skirts and bags so it seemed like a good idea to join. A few months ago I purchased a few pillowcases at my favorite thrift store so I could try the pillowcase dress tutorial at Red Instead. I thought that Sparkle Power Sew Along would get me motivated so I'd get the dresses done. Well it worked here is Nature Girl modeling a pillowcase dress with a matching headband I finished today. I'm sure this should have been finished in 30 minutes or less but the sewing powers in the universe were working against me today. Two hours later it's finished and she's happily wearing it as a nightgown. Have you ever had one of those days when you want to craft but the craftiness just isn't there? That was me today. Seriously how hard can a pillowcase dress be! Not very . . . but today it was a struggle. I think I'll try it again on a day when the crafty powers are working in my favor.

The owl is a work in progress. Do you recognize the fabric? It's the yellow fabric I found at the thrift store last weekend. It reminded me of the 70's and justed called out for a brown embroidered owl. The owl is from a doodle I made while waiting for Nature Girl to finish dance class this week. Now I think I'll turn it into either a zippered pouch or a simple little purse. I don't need an owl purse but Nature Girl loves owls and will claim it as hers once it's finished. Really after the struggle I had with the pillowcase dress I think I should wait for another day. I'd hate to ruin it. I also need to work on my softie for the Plush Swap 3 but I'll wait till the craftiness returns.