Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Day

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This week we had a much needed snow day! Nature Girl and I had a great day. We hung out a home and enjoyed our time together. We baked fresh bread for lunch, made outrageous cookie bars and holiday pretzel twists. And for once I didn't do even one little bit of school work for a day! It was wonderful!
While we did bake on our snow day my sewing machine is still lonely as we haven't spent any time together in months. I did get to help Beth from Weepereas with her baby shoe tutorial a while back. I had a great time working on the tutorial even though I didn't get to do any sewing. Tutorials are the best. It's like combining teaching, lesson plans and crafts . . . what a great combination. I had fun working on it! You have to check out Beth's Etsy shop. She has some amazing things in her shop. I just love her fabric choices! While you're there check out the baby shoe tutorial she has for sale. Maybe you'll even find some last minute Christmas gifts.