Monday, August 11, 2008

Mee Crafty Swap

Nature Girl got swap mail on Friday. Ali and her boys were our partners for the Mee Crafty kid swap. Nature Girl was very excited to get a package. This is her first international package. We're starting to keep track of where all of our swap packages come from so we can learn more about the world around us. Opening the package. The goodies were wrapped in lovely paper with leaves embedded in it.

This is the ooooo!

The squeeze!

And it's love! Introducing Eboo the owl. Eboo came with a sweet little note introducing himself to Nature Girl and asking to be her friend. She was so cute taking him around the house on a tour and introducing him to everyone and everything!
She also received these beautiful hair clips,

and this pretty flower tote bag. Nature Girl took her tote bag to our favorite thrift store to carry her treasures home in. She's already learning to utilize reusable bags. Yeah for her, now her mom needs to work on that!

After the package was opened she discovered the card and picked it up saying "I'm going to read the card." She opened the card and looked at it. She realized she had a it upside down and flipped it the right way before looking up at me and saying."I remembered I can't read, can you read it?" I had to laugh!
Thank you Ali and boys for a wonderful swap!

I also got swap mail on Friday too. This wool felt came from Tanaya. I traded some batik fabric for wool felt. I can't wait to start creating with this great stash. Thanks for trading Tanaya!