Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Little Holiday Zentangle Tutorial

It's holiday time. I like to make something to give to my co-workers, but this year I was struggling to come up with an idea. I've decided to make some holiday Hershey Kiss pretzels and Rolo pretzel bites but I wanted a tag to go on each bag of goodies.  I found some wood flower shapes at the Dollar Tree and inspiration struck. I created some wooden Zentangle tags that can double as a Christmas ornament.

I gathered my materials:

  • wood shapes(the package had 10 shapes for $1)
  • red and green acrylic paint
  • paintbrushes
  • black Sharpie
  • old plastic lid for paint
  • paper to protect my work surface
  • DMC thread

First I watered down some red acrylic paint.  There is no exact science to this; just squirt some paint on an old plastic lid, add a little water and mix. I painted one side of my wood pieces.  I did a couple of coats until I was happy with the color then set them aside to dry. 

Once they dried I flipped them over to paint the backside and the edges of my wood pieces. Then I set them aside to dry again.

After letting them dry, I used the black sharpie to Zentangle on the front of each flower shape. Note: I tried drawing on the wood first then painting but it didn't work as well.  Painting first stopped the Sharpie from bleeding across the wood. Plus the black turns out lighter when you draw then paint over it. After trial and error, my advice is paint first, then draw.

Here's a group of the Zentangle tag/ornaments I finished. I wrote To: and From: on the backside with Sharpie so they will work as a gift tag on my holiday goodies.The last step is to drill a hole in the center and thread a piece of DMC through. Tie a knot then hang them on your tree or attach them to your Christmas gifts.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree set up last night.  I love sorting through the ornaments and reminiscing as we hang each ornament.  Our tree is a combination of purchased, handmade and handed down ornaments.  It's full of memories for each of us. We actually have more ornaments than we have tree space.

This year I have a small "handmade" tree in the front foyer.  The tree isn't handmade but it's filled with handmade ornaments from the Year of Enchantment swap, this year's bird ornament swap and ornaments I've made with my own hands. Keeping with the handmade theme, Melinda made the table runner under the tree for me as part of the Christmas in July swap. It's a perfect base for my handmade tree. I love that this tree is full of ornaments that were lovingly made! It makes me smile every time I walk by it.

Happy holidays!