Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicken Heaven in Hawaii

We just came back from a vacation in Hawaii. We spent a week on the island of Kauai visiting my sister and her family. This was my first visit to Hawaii. Knowing I was heading on vacation I quickly finished up my Chicken Loving Mama's apron package and sent it off to my fabulous partner Chrissy. (I'll post pictures of the package Chrissy sent to me and the package I sent to Chrissy later.) Now in hindsight I wish I had waited because did you know that Kauai is chicken heaven? It turns out it really is, there are wild chickens everywhere!!!!

There were wild chickens in every parking lot from the Walmart parking lot to the sight seeing parking lots. You can't drive a quarter of a mile without seeing a chicken on the side of the road or in someone's yard. As a matter of fact we ate at Dukes on the patio one evening. My daughter looked down to find a chicken by her chair. It ran under the table and over the top of my sister's foot before exiting the patio through the bushes. I think that chicken was looking for an adrenaline rush! Imagine showing up at a restaurant! Crazy!

This chicken is on the playground at the school my nieces attend. He disappeared when the kids came out for recess. I think many of the kids like to chase the chickens!

This one was my favorite rooster. Look at all of those colors! He was strutting around at one of the Waimea Canyon lookout stops.

Here's another pretty boy. This guy was hanging out on the beach with us. I think it was Baby Beach which is part of Poipu beach. See I'm telling you there were chickens EVERYWHERE!!!

We learned on the Kilohana Plantation tour that back in 1992 and 1993 a series of hurricanes destroyed many of the chicken coops on the island. The chickens ran free. It turns out that there are no snakes or natural predators that eat chickens on Kauai so the chicken population keeps growing. Now there are chickens everywhere on the island. there are also tons of chicken souvenirs that you can purchase! One vendor joked with us, saying "For every chicken item you purchase we'll give you a real chicken to take home for free!"

If you've always wanted to see chicken heaven you have to visit Kauai. The island was beautiful and the chickens are plentiful!

We have lots more Hawaiian adventures and pictures to share. I'm still trying to adjust to the time change and get into the swing of being back at school this week. I'm really dragging!! Anyway stay tuned for more posts on Hawaii and the swap package post.