Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Clothespins and Rocks

Nature Girl had a friend over for a play date today. They spent the morning painting with puffy paint, painty pens and finally acrylics. Nature Girl painted some wooden snowflakes. We attached them to clothespins with wood glue to create these decorative clips. We'll use them to hang up Nature Girl's art work in the playroom. They also make great hanging clips for mini quilts.
This afternoon we went for a walk and collected some rocks along the way. When we got home we wrapped aluminum wire around the rocks to turn them into pendants. Add a colored string and we had an hour's worth of entertainment. Nature Girl was thrilled with hers so we created necklaces for the kids next door too. We had six kids running around the backyard wearing rock pendants pretending to be superheros. Apparently the rocks contain secret super powers. They had lots of fun. Nature Girl wanted to wear her rock pendant to bed.

*Nature Girl took the photo for this post.