Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pixies and Magic

This is a photo Nature Girl took of the fairy dust she got as a favor from a friends Fairy themed birthday party. Nature Girl is a believer in all things magic and mystical. It's one of the things that I find so endearing about her. She firmly believes in magic and thinks that everyone else should believe in magic too. During the holidays we had lots of conversations about Santa, elves and magic. She wondered why not everyone believes. I've always thought that in this world all things are possible and who's to say if magic is real. I've not seen it first hand but if you believe in magic doesn't that make it real?! Nature Girl is a believer! For true believers in Santa and magic, a belief in pixies and fairies is also within the realm of possibilities.

Missy was kind enough to leave a note here letting me know about her pixie children's wand swap. I checked it out and immediately signed up, after all it's destined to be full of magic! If you're interested in signing up visit Missy here.