Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Giving Bunnies & Art

Warning the photo quality isn't great, but I had to share a few bits of art I discovered mixed in with my daughter's school work. I love her drawings!

One of the spelling words this week was tiny, so this is Tiny a wee little dog.  He's so cute!

This is Mary as the title explains.  What I love about this piece of art is the sweet little bunny in the background.  He's a Giving Bunny.  My daughter wanted to make a stuffed bunny a few weeks back. I showed her a pattern for the Giving Bunny and off she went to create a family of Giving Bunnies.  

Here are the fruits of her labor or in this case bunnies.  Baby Bunny, Grandma Bunny and Mama Bunny. There was a fourth bunny but it was given to her friend in the spirit of the Giving Bunny Project.