Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's Summer Vacation

It's finally summer vacation!  We've made our summer fun lists and we've begun our summer activities. Swimming was on both of our summer fun lists, so we've been out enjoying the pool.

Even Chunk likes to head out to the pool with us.  He can't swim and with that sweet pushed in face and black fur he doesn't do well poolside. He likes to sit under our lounge chairs in the cool, wet shade. We periodically have to trick him into going into the house to cool down but he's like a little kid, he doesn't want to miss out on the fun. I guess he has fomo(fear of missing out.) He just wants to hang out with us, even if the sun and heat are killing him.

The summer bugs have taken their toll on poor Chunky too.  He ended up wearing the cone of shame a few weeks back because of an allergic reaction to bug bites on his face. When he got his cone it just begged to be decorated, so the girl armed herself with Sharpies and set to work to decorate the cone of shame. Between the bugs and allergies the poor little guy has been a mess.  He's taking dog benedryl daily but his face gets swollen and itchy.  The bug bites healed but now he has a new batch, we may have to pull out the cone again. Poor Chunk so far he's not having much summer fun.