Monday, June 2, 2008

More Fun Mail

Last night Nature Girl went to her Aunt BB's overnight while my husband and I had a date night. Nature Girl was a little mopey about us going on a date out without her. In the end she had a great time spending the night with her aunt & cousins. We also had a fabulous time seeing a movie then going to dinner. It was very nice!
This afternoon I went to pick up Nature Girl. We stayed for lunch and completed two art projects which my nephew requested I bring. He loves to do craft projects! We used some of my fabric scraps to create a tree with a beehive. Nature Girl drew her own bee on her picture. Then we created a bumblebee paper bag puppet.

After the craft projects were done we ran errands. When we got home we had a nice surprise . . . swap mail! My partner Kristie from the Miniature Booty Quilt Swap sent a package for Nature Girl. She was thrilled with the crocheted baby doll sweater set Kristie sent. We immediately dressed her doll in the set. She looks so sweet! Thank you Kristie!!! Nature Girl was so happy, she kept hugging her doll saying "She's a cutie!"

I also got swap mail today! My mini quilt from the Mini Quilt Trading Swap arrived today. My partner Katie did a fabulous job!!! I love the brown polka dot fabric! Funny we both did polka dots on our mini quilts for each other. I did the red polka dot bird for Katie and I got this bit of polka dot fun in return. Thank you Katie!!! I love it!