Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Few Days and Some Sewing

I haven't posted for a few days. We've been busy with the flurry of activity that accompanies the end of the school year. Nature Girl finished her first year of preschool this week and is excited to be on summer vacation. We presented the scrapbook and tote bag to her teacher on the last day of school. The children gathered around her, excited to show her their page in the scrapbook. It was very cute!

Nature Girl had a little end of the year celebration for school. She got up on the stage with her class to sing two songs for the audience. All of the children have grown so much this year and it was fun to see them perform. I made us matching skirts for the celebration. When I was a little girl my mom made matching dresses for her and I. I loved them. I wanted Nature Girl to have that same experience. I love the fabric and was happy with how our skirts turned out.
I'm still working away on my list of projects to accomplish in June. I've made progress but I have also added and completed several projects that were not on my original list. Our matching skirts and this flame apron weren't on that list. My sister asked me to make a BBQ apron for her husband as a Father's Day gift. She chose the material and I did the sewing. It has flames on one side and orange fabric with a flame pocket on the reverse side.
These ducks were another project I added to my June list. I made them as a gift for a baby shower I went to today. It's hard to find safe baby toys so I decided to make some after seeing these in the Magic Cabin catalog.
After these few sewing distractions it's time to get back to my June list so I can get it finished. It's already the middle of June. Boy, the first two weeks went by fast! I have three projects that are already started and two more that I haven't begun. I'd better get to work.
By the way, I'm experimenting with another blog header. This one is part of a photo Nature Girl took in our yard this week. What do you think?