Monday, May 2, 2011

Cinnamon Buns

Over spring break we met a friend at a local restaurant for breakfast. This was lots of fun as we enjoyed the company and had never been to this restaurant before. Nature Girl loved this pig chef. He's holding a gigantic cinnamon bun.

After we finished eating Nature Girl broke out the creamers and created breakfast sculptures while the grown-ups chatted. Then we ordered a big cinnamon bun to go for breakfast the following day and headed on our way.

The next morning we heated up our big cinnamon bun for breakfast. As we were sharing it, Nature Girl says to me, "Why do they call it a cinnamon bun? It doesn't look like a butt." I cracked up! I told her I wasn't exactly sure, but maybe it's because if you eat to many it will make your butt big. Then we had a good laugh!