Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A New Hairdo

Before:Nature Girl has been asking for a couple of months to cut her hair. One of her friends has chin length hair, so Nature Girl wanted her hair cut the same way. She needed to be able to wear her hair up for her dance recital so I promised that after the recital she could cut her hair if she wanted. Well today was the day, so take one last look at Nature Girl's lovely locks.

Nature Girl's new haircut. It's 7 or 8 inches shorter but it's still below her chin. I didn't mention it to Nature Girl but I looked into donating her hair to Locks of Love. They needed 10 inches of hair so we were a few inches short. Not to worry Nature Girl had her own idea of what to do with her hair. She wanted to save some of it to put outside so the birds could use it to make a nest. She scooped up a couple of handfuls of hair off the floor and stuffed it in an envelope for the birds. The rest of her hair was swept up and saved for another client who will use it in her garden. It seems like a perfect use for Nature Girl's hair.
She's very happy with her new hair cut! We think she's beautiful whether she has long hair or short hair but the new cut is cute. It makes her look older. Our baby is growing up so quickly!