Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Completing the Unfinished

Nature Girl had school today and my husband had to go into the office. The house was quiet so I set to work this morning on one of the unfinished projects I discovered while cleaning up my craft area. First up, the heart stitchery I made as an anniversary gift for my friend MB. MB is my friend and my neighbor. We are fortunate to have fabulous neighbors! It turns out our anniversaries are two weeks apart so I stitched up the heart before her anniversary but didn't know what to do to finish it so I set it aside. While cleaning the other day I found it and had an inspiration to turn it into a mini quilt. It's only eight months late but I'm happy to say it's finally complete and in the arms of it's new owner. I didn't think to measure it but I'd guess it's about 12" by 16". The muslin was stitched, painted and then coffee stained. There are a few thrifted fabrics included. . . you know I love all things thrifted!
Mini quilt update: Kristie received the Mother's Heart mini quilt today. She sent a nice e-mail to say she was happy with the quilt and the cloth napkins I sent. I'm very relieved and pleased to know she liked them!