Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to the Future Aprons

I arrived home from school today to find a package with my name on it. Inside I found this Back to the Future themed apron and goodies. Cynthia included school supplies for me, which are already packed to take to my classroom tomorrow.

She also made a matching pouch with the lotion and lip balm inside. Thank you Cynthia!

I made this poodle skirt for my partner. It arrived at it's destination but I forgot to put my e-mail and blog address in the package so I'm not sure if she liked it.

These are the goodies I sent. The apron and a necklace to wear while vacuuming represent the 50's, the cd with hits of the 80's and a key catcher and purse holder to represent the 21st century. I had fun with this swap!

Now I'm waiting for my Alice in Wonderland apron to arrive at it's destination. I had the worse time creating an apron for that swap. Ask Val I had several e-mail freak outs while trying to create something, but that's a story for another day!