Monday, August 4, 2008

Sweet and Kind

On Friday our refrigerator was on the fritz so we had to call a repairman to come have a look. The good news is he was able to fix the problem without us having to buy a new refrigerator. While the repairman was working, Nature Girl grabbed a piece of paper and began drawing. She brought the picture over to give to the repairman then realized he was wearing glasses. She took the picture back and worked on it again before bringing it to the repairman. He was busy fixing the fridge and she felt shy so she left it for him on the floor next to his tools. In the end the repairman fixed the fridge and took the check but didn't take the drawing. I'm sure he didn't see what I saw. I saw a sweet little girl who wanted to do something kind for a stranger. She worked hard to make the picture just right so he would be happy with it. It was a gift. To me it was a sweet and kind thing for her to do and it made me proud! I didn't expect this middle age man to see a four year olds drawing as the gift she meant it to be so when he left the picture behind I quickly snapped it up and took a photo. Then I put it in the pile of pictures to save. This one was so sweet and kind it's certainly a keeper! So is Nature Girl!!!!

We're heading out tomorrow to go spend time with my mom and my grandmother in VT for a few days. My sister, her two boys, Nature Girl and I will pile into the car tomorrow morning for the two and a half hour trip. This will be Adventure Bunny's last adventure with us. She'll be heading to her new home next week. The trip is one of the last activities left on our summer fun list. Nature Girl is very excited about going and has been asking for two days if it's time to go see Mimi yet. Summer is flying by and I begin school in just two weeks! I'm trying to enjoy the last days of summer while I can.