Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Wonders of a Dandelion

1. Pick it, 2. Start to blow, 3. Watch the fluff fly, 4. Pick some more, smile and start again

Today I spent hours sorting through a couple thousand photos searching for photos of Nature Girl for the end of the year class scrapbook we're making. While searching I found some great photos that I had forgotten about. The mosaic above was made with a few of those forgotten photos. I took them in May and thought they would be perfect for a mosaic. This was my first try at using Mosaic Maker. I think these photos of Nature Girl make a cute mosaic.

So this is a tribute to the wonders of a dandelion. Isn't it amazing how a little weed can be such a wonder to someone small? Children love dandelions especially in the fluffy stage. No wonder dandelions spread like crazy! Children all over the world help spread the seeds just like my daughter.