Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Girl, A Puppy and Snow

When I looked skyward last week, this was the view. It's fall in the East. The days are cooler, the trees are changing color, leaves are falling. It's a very pretty time.

There should be plenty of time to enjoy fall, or so I thought. We don't usually have snow in October. Winter made an early appearance on Saturday night, we got 24 inches of snow. It quickly went from fall to winter in just a few hours. Nature Girl loved putting on her winter jacket to catch big fluffy snowflakes in the backyard.

Chunk came outside for some snowy fun. At first he didn't know quite what to think. The snow was as tall as he is. He jumped off the porch up to his head in snow and quickly wondered, "What the heck is this stuff?"

Soon he began to romp through the snow with Nature Girl! Watching them play in the snow reminded me of how exciting and magical the first snow is. Don't you remember the excitement the first real snow brought when you were a kid? A girl and a puppy playing in the snow can make you remember.