Friday, July 29, 2011

Introducing Chunk

This is our new puppy Chunk. He's a 12 week old black pug. Nature Girl picked him out and named him herself because she thought he looked like a chocolate chunk. We picked him up four weeks ago and have been busy trying to train him and adjust to life as puppy owners. Chunk is a bite-er. He bites fingers, toes, shoes and shoe laces. This doesn't endear him to my husband, as he regularly has his toes chewed on!
Chunk went to his first puppy class last night where we worked on sit, which he already knew, and down which he needs a lot more practice on. Hopefully he'll learn not to bite so much! We've been working on it, so he's better with me but not Nature Girl and my husband. I think it's his way to trying to get them to play and interact with him but it hurts like heck!

Chunk is my little buggy-eyed boy. When he plays, his eyes get super buggy. It's too cute! He makes me laugh. It's hilarious when he chases his own tail! Last week he chased his tail at the top of a hill and ended up doing summersaults all the way down the hill. It was one of the funniest things I've seen all summer.

Here Chunk is sitting in a pink car seat. He likes to sit in Nature Girl's seat when she's not in the car. He has a doggie seat belt on but can just reach the car seat to sit in it. This picture was taken during his first long road trip when we stopped for a few minutes. He stole Nature Girl's seat when she got up. Really he is great in the car! He rode for 5 hours and slept most of the way.

Life with a new puppy has been a bit busy but I think he is a keeper! Just look at that sweet little face!