Friday, April 25, 2008

A Good Day

I had planned a day at home for cleaning and a trip to the park with our neighbors today. These aren't necessarily events to blog about but it turned out to be a good day. Our trip to the park was fun. While the kids played I sat on the bench and muddled my way through my first ever crochet project. The pattern for this crocheted flower necklace came from Crochet Me. Since I'm a newbie crocheter I thought this project would be a good way to practice crocheting but end up with a finished project. It's silly but I'm so excited about it! I actually crocheted something that I can use. . . yeah for me!
I tried to take a picture in the mirror but the flash was too bright. So I tried having Nature Girl take my picture but those didn't turn out either. In the end I settled for this picture of Nature Girl wearing my new crocheted necklace. There's no picture to post of me wearing my new necklace but that's ok I was having a bad hair day anyway!
We headed out to our favorite thrift store this afternoon and I bought some cool drapes to cut up and sew. They're in the dryer now so I don't have a picture yet. I think they might become one of Kerri's Crafty toolbelts By the way check out Kerri's blog and see her sling bag, it's gorgeous! It's the first one I've seen made with my tutorial.

When my husband got home tonight he brought in our mail. There was a package for me from Barb at So How Was Your Day? I won some goodies in Barb's give away. Nature Girl was just as excited as I was to see what was in the package. Barb sent us a tissue holder and a card wallet in a flamingo print. As I predicted Nature Girl was thrilled with the flamingo gifts. I love them but so does she. Nature Girl called dibs on the card wallet since I already have a big wallet I didn't need it. For a four year old she really knows how to plead her case. A small discussion and a pout ensued, then we finally agreed that we could share them and take turns. I also had to promise to look for more flamingo fabric to make something for her.
Thanks Barb for the goodies. It turned out to be a really good day!