Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spookify Me Challenge

A few weeks ago during a meeting a co-worker challenged me to zentangle something for Halloween. Of course I took the challenge and created this eyeball. It's hanging in our classroom now. My students love it and have been asking me to make eyeballs for them. This week the students will be doing a few Halloween activities so I decided to create an eyeball that they can complete. I created one for the kids that don't like to draw so they can color it instead and one for my budding zentanglers so they can zentangle their own eyeball. I thought I'd share the pdf and open up the challenge to you. What kind of eyeball can you create?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Zentangled Shoes

Yes you read the title right! It may sound strange, but what does someone who is obsessed with zentangles do to their shoes? Why draw all over them of course! I've zentangled bookmarks, name tags and a pencil can, so why not shoes. I saw this tutorial for painting on shoes back during the summer. It sparked my creative juices and got me thinking about zentangling shoes. I bought a pair of white ballet flats at Walmart this summer for $7. I set them in the closet to draw on later. Well, later finally came last week when I pulled them out of the closet and decided to try it. It took me about two and a half hours to finish both shoes.

Here's a side view. I didn't follow the tutorial, I just used a sharpie to draw on them. I decided to do a series of floral patterns and designs on the shoes. I didn't repeat any of the patterns so each shoe is totally different.

Here's what they look like in the front.

Now the view from the back. I was very happy with how they turned out. The only problem, when I put them after they were finished I decided that they are a little too tight. My toes were at the end. I swear they fit fine when I bought them this summer. Oh well, nothing lost. I had them at school to show some co-workers and my students. The teacher I share a room with has a daughter in college that wears a size 8 so they're being mailed to California for her to enjoy. Maybe I'll eventually make another pair but I think I want something with a little bit of a heel. In the meantime I'll be thinking about other things I can zentangle all over.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Frankenstein & Ghost Brooches

This week for Spookify Me Saturday I'm sharing some Halloween brooches I made a couple of years ago for a Halloween swap with Val our wonderful Spookify Me host. Click here for a PDF with the pattern and simple directions.

Don't need a brooch?! I also made this pin the nose on the monster game using the same pattern. I just blew up the pattern really big and added a layer of batting in between. We hang Frankie up each fall. We have lots of different colored noses for him so everyone can choose a different color to pin on his face. Sometimes we just use him as a decoration instead of as a game.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another Spookify Me Project

Here's another project for Spookify Me Saturday. I made this cat wall hanging for a swap and was really excited to see how this turned out. I fell in love with it, so it was hard to send it on it's way but I did. I'm glad the new owner loves it! I created this tutorial so I can make another one when I have time. In the meantime I decided to share this tutorial for Spookify Me Saturday.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Poe Swap & St. Nicholaus Swap

I participated in the Poe altered art swap. I've already shared the great package I received from Little Messy Missy here. So what did I send? My partner was not a fan of gruesome or scary so I went with the sweeter side of Halloween. My partner chose the story The Black Cat. I couldn't find a cigar box so I altered a paint can to look like a black cat. I made a few bookmarks, a cat coaster, a candy corn brooch and included some candy as well.
This is my favorite piece. I made this quilted black cat wall hanging for my partner. It took longer than expected but I'm really happy with how it turned out! It's the first time I've made my own binding so I wanted to keep it! I mailed it, so hopefully my partner will love it.

I sent off the Poe package to my partner then received my St. Nickolaus Swap package. Cindy made this incredible quilted wall hanging for me. Don't you love it?!!! I hung it right away!

These are the other goodies Cindy sent. Thank you Cindy!! She even sent some rocks, polished sea glass and a cute little owl bag for Nature Girl. Nature Girl was very grateful as these things are all her favorites.

Look what she made with the rocks . . . . St. Nickolaus! Isn't that cute?!!! I'm always impressed with Nature Girl's creativity!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spookify Me Project

I made this cat coaster and thought it would be perfect for Spookify Me Saturday. Each Saturday in October, Val from Yarnigras will be posting projects for Halloween. It sounded like fun to me so I made this coaster from wool felt then wrote up a quick little tutorial for it. You can use this coaster to get into the Halloween spirit or use it all year if you choose. You'll find the tutorial here or on the sidebar. Check in next Saturday for another Spookify Me project and don't forget to check out Val's projects.