Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nature Girl Sews and A Quick Tutorial

That's right, Nature Girl sews! She completed her first sewing project while we were on vacation. She insists this is her second sewing project since she helped me stitch on one of my projects a few months ago. So call it a first or call it a second sewing project, either way we were both proud of the finished project! She sewed this bookmark with a little assistance. She did very well and quickly picked up the running stitch. I love the wobbliness of the stitches and I am so proud of my little crafter!

Here's her finished bookmark in a book. Now we're looking forward to trying a few more sewing projects this summer. I discovered a site called Kids Sewing Projects. It has some great projects for kids who are beginning to sew. Try some of the projects at Kids Sewing Projects or try our tutorial for the felt bookmark. Happy sewing!

Felt Bookmark Tutorial:
12 inches of ribbon
felt(cut two flower shapes and two shapes for the bottom)
safety pins
embroidery thread
Place the ribbon between the two felt flowers. Pin in place with safety pins. Sew around the flower using a running stitch. Make sure to stitch through the ribbon so it will stay in place. Then sew your pieces to the bottom of your ribbon. Again make sure you stitch through the ribbon. I did two sets of leaves on the bottom of this bookmark but you can sew just one set on the bottom.

We sewed flower bookmarks this time. We want to try this again and make a felt bird bookmark as a gift for a friend.
Edited: Nature Girl's bookmark project is now on Kids Sewing Projects. You can see it here.