Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yard Sale fun

I always say that thrifting and yard sales are more fun when you have a buddy with you. You need someone to laugh with you about the gaudy and awful items for sale and to rejoice with you when you make a great find. Nature Girl is often my thrifting buddy and we have a good time together. Last weekend we headed out to some thrift stores and found a few yard sales along the way. Our usual rule is no stuffed animals from thrift stores and yard sales. Lord knows where they've been or what they bring with them! Last weekend I allowed her to break this rule when she found this sweet little batty beanie baby. It looked like Stellaluna to me and I love that story. I justified purchasing it because it still had the tag on it so it hadn't been used much. I'm glad I did because she's had lots of fun with Batty. It has velcro on it's wings so it's been wrapped around everything in the house that it's little wings can fit around. She's also created countless contraptions to help Batty hang upside down during car rides and at home.
It inspired her to hang up side down on the couch wrapped up and sleeping like a bat.

Then to wake up and unwrap her blanket wings, screeching like a bat. I love that she can entertain herself for hours with just a blanket and a toy. It's funny that a little toy can spark so much creativity, experiments with physics, recall of scientific facts and hours of fun!

What Nature Girl says:
Nature Girl wanted to add "I have a bat and it is going to like the vampire a lady is sending us. The one that my mom won." She was hoping Apryl would read this post and see her message.