Friday, April 4, 2008

Caffine and Spring Cleaning

Recently I've discovered that if I drink caffeine in the evenings I can't sleep at night. The other night I drank a Coke at 7pm. I went to bed at midnight then crawled back out at 1 am because I was wide awake. So what is there to do at 1 am that won't wake up the whole house? Spring cleaning of course. It's amazing how productive you can be in the middle of the night when there are no little people to interrupt you every five minutes! I decided to tackle our arts & crafts/storage closet down stairs. It's been a wreck since Christmas. Anytime you opened the doors you were taking the chance something would fall on your head. No longer... after 2 hours of cleaning everything is tidy, organized and labled. Now we can easily get to Nature Girl's craft supplies. Did I mention this is her craft closet? I have a basement full of my supplies. But that's a cleaning adventure for another sleepless night!
Here are the before and after pictures.