Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The White Stuff

Back at Christmas time I was excited to see the white stuff falling from the sky and blanketing the earth in iridescent white. New fallen snow is so beautiful.

Now it's the end of February and it's snowing again. I'm tired of the snow, the shoveling and the driving on snow covered roads.  I want spring to arrive. I'm ready for mud season, with new plants coming up, birds singing, sunshine and most of all no snow!

It amazes me how you can appreciate the beauty of new snow while at the same time craving it's disappearance for another year.  If you're in need of some snow stop by our house, we have plenty to share.  While you're here would you mind shoveling the walkways, clearing the driveway and driving me to the airport. . .I'm craving some tropical weather.