Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's hard to believe summer has come and gone, now it's already Halloween. Time flies! We dressed up for Halloween and walked around our neighborhood tonight. Nature Girl decided to be a devil this year and thought Chunk should be a devil too. I thought I should be an angel to balance out all of this devilishness.

Here is a close up of Chunk during one of his costume wearing practice sessions. He keep doing a whole body shake trying to shake off the costume. He wasn't a fan of the costume at first but we had him practice wearing it a few times before Halloween. He still didn't love it tonight but didn't mind it too much. It certainly helped that I feed him a good amount of treats as we walked around the neighborhood.

This is a picture of one angel and a little devil. Really I might not be an angel but he certainly is a little devil. He will eat anything and has a wicked naughty streak in him. Good thing he's cute and I love him! Look at that little black face.

Nature Girl had a party and Halloween parade at school on Friday. I snapped this picture of her and a friend. She and the purple witch have been friends since they were babies. It's great to see them in the same class this year. They are both growing up so quickly!

Nature Girl got to march at the front of the Halloween parade with the paper mache' ghost puppet she made in art enrichment. Overall we had a great Halloween. I hope you did too. Happy Halloween!