Friday, March 21, 2008

Has Spring Sprung?

So this has been a record breaking winter for us with 112 inches of snow so far. We all have cabin fever and can't wait for spring to arrive. Nature girl has repeatedly asked my why I don't take her to the park anymore. The answer is because the park is buried under 2 or 3 feet of snow and we're waiting for the snow to melt. In the meantime she likes to regale me with the different things that make her think of spring. "Momma, you know what makes me think of spring? Going to the farm to see Sunny." Sunny is a horse at a local petting farm slash ice cream stand we like to visit during the spring and summer. "Momma you know what makes me think of spring? Eating ice cream. Birds flying. Flowers growing." And the list goes on. You know what makes me think of spring? These baby grasshoppers we found on a patch of grass in our yard this week. These little buggers were hopping around. They provided an hour worth of fun for us and the neighborhood children. Yes I think spring has literally sprung. Of course par for the course our little friends got dusted with an inch of snow the next morning. Hopefully they'll be springing again soon!

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