Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Tree Hugger to Melt Your Heart

Nature Girl has been a tree hugger since she began walking. She literally hugs the trees in our yard. She loves them! Last week as she rode in the car on the way to preschool she was in the backseat waving out the window saying "Hi!" When asked what she was doing she said " I'm waving to the trees so their green leaves will grow." Well that just melted my heart! This week while playing outside she looked at an evergreen tree and said "It's not healthy. I'm going to hug it to make it's leaves grow." Now I'm not a nature expert but the tree looked healthy enough to me and it had pine cones and needles not leaves. Still this simple gesture was sweet . . . it's kindness to all living things. That is something I hope she will always display.

Honestly her tree hugging ways inspire me to leave a smaller mark on the earth. At her young age she already sees nature as a wonder and is conscientious about the environment. Her recycling efforts are worth their own post so more on that later. In the meantime we're trying to be a bit more "Green" around here. We're not hardcore earth activists just three people trying to be more conscientious. What tips do you have on being green? How do you reduce, reuse and recycle? If you're interested here is an Earth Day Footprint Quiz you can take to see what your impact is on the environment. It was interesting.

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